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Bespoke fabrication pulls from the experience of creating bespoke furniture, however the focus is upon the creation of your design not my own.

Most project can be undertaken at the studio but with a network of suppliers and skilled professionals at hand and for example: metal workers, CNC operators and laser cutting specialists, creating one off pieces is what I do best.

Pictured: Jesmonite table for private client.

BOND C365.3
BOND C365.4

Fabrication isn't simply about materials, time and space, its about convey an idea. Aside from being able to create the necessary CAD work, fabrication is a dialog between you and me. It's about understanding what you want to achieve, whether that's because its the first time you've made it or because it's the first time I've made it!

Pictured: Display cabinets designed by BOND agency for British Airways.

BOND C365.2

The Process

  1. Get in touch: Just say hello.
  2. Viewing: Investigate and discuss the specifics.
  3. Quote: Based upon your requirements and timeframes.
  4. Production: The piece(s) are made.
  5. Delivery: Happens when everyone is happy!

Pictured: Replica benches for Gunnersbury Park.

Gunnersbury Park Museum

The length of time any bespoke fabrication takes is very much dependent on the nature of the work and how complicated it is to produce.

A small project that only takes a day or so can probably be turned around fairly quickly, larger projects that take weeks or months, will need to be fitted into the calendar, so the more league time the better.

Pictured: Rapha stores designed by Tomas Alonso.

TOMAS 1600
TOMAS 1600.2

Should you have a bespoke project requiring a slightly different approach then simply get in touch and we can begin to discuss the details.

Pictured: Sculptures by Tim Norris.