Circular Crafting





King's College London x Materiom

Research Project 2020

Just prior to the world changing Dr Lauren England and I were awarded funding through King's college London, to research the circular economy and its possible implications and applications for small scale designers and makers.

The project spanned across 5 months, and involved chatting with numerous people about their involvement with the circular economy. For the most part this didn't necessarily mean they had a direct relationship with the circular economy system and its terminology, but in did mean that they were conscious of topics like sustainability, soil erosion, plastic pollution, carbon footprints, waste cycles, and lifecycle assessment, to name but a few.

When London went into lockdown we adjusted ourselves and like many others moved ourselves online. Zoom became the norm and Varioustudios became the platform and home of our project, and we continued on.

Working with Materiom, we explored how sawdust, a waste stream produce in my studio could be utilised and given a new lease of life. Building upon an older idea, that proposed using a pumpkin as a plant pot that could feed a new generation of pumpkins as it decomposed, we explored making plant pots from sawdust.

As a concept this idea was exhibited durning London Design Festival 2020, however it still has some way to go before it becomes a fully fledged product.

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