Hex drinks cabinet

commissioned 2018

With an idea of size and functionality, I embarked down a route some might consider obsessive, compulsive, perhaps I was beholden to an idea or simply cursed!

Constructed from reclaimed oak and brass fixings the cabinet transmogrifies the overlooked, creating something that desire's to be seen. To those entranced few, each octagon is a pair, booked matched across and over every side, as the eyes wonder the Japanese technique of 'Sho Sugi Ban' and the brass handles entices the viewer to touch, to open the cabinet.

Once enthralled the cabinet shows its true colours, as its subtle glow envelops the unsuspecting further into its depths the transparent shelves offer glimmers of its hidden treasures, before long you had pulls forth a bottle. From behind a sliding door a glass emerges; beckoning to be filled. Then it is and before long you drink.